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Kaa X Zecora (lol20 TRADE)
A doodle as an art trade with :iconlol20: Hope you enjoy, dude! :D

Zecora lives deep within the Everfree Forest, which others wouldn’t find such a good decision, but the zebra can manage herself being surrounded by plants and creatures as she is quite familiar with herbs and potions. She spotted a snake outside her window while brewing some soup, trapping a mouse with its tail making a loop. The snake had a wicked grin as his eyes were glowing and filled with colors and rings that were spiraling. The zebra opened the window to hit him with a stick and told him to stop it with his entrancing trick. The mouse snapped out of the trance and scurried away without looking back in a glance. The snake was upset that he doesn’t have lunch for the day and knows that the annoying zebra would have to pay. He faced Zecora without a haste and began to coil her from her hooves to her waist. Zecora squirmed around and tried to break free, but she would be interrupted by beautiful spirals for her to see. As she stared with awe, the tail around her neck was tight and left her in a blissful, happy state of delight. Zecora was now a hypnotized pet for the dastardly snake, who laughed at how she never knew what was at stake. If only her pony friends would visit more occasionally since they would see the snake’s actions and help set her free.

You know, Zecora deserves more spotlight since she appears rarely now that I think about it. Chibi Zecora Icon 

Criticism/requests welcome
Kaa-Rudyard Kipling/Disney
Kaa X Princess Ember
A little something before I head off to bed. Enjoy!

The young daughter of the Dragon Lord, Ember, has snuck away from the Dragon Lands on a few occasions, mostly to see the many lands throughout Equestria. She has seen ponies, griffons, yaks, and what she thinks is a baby dragon below as she took to the sky, but always made sure to get home early to spare her father’s worries. Ember goes too far on one of her flights and decides to rest near a forest, seeing as how she will get too tired to fly back within the next few hours. Resting on the tree, she would’ve guessed that residing on it was a mysterious, green snake named Kaa who after spotting the young dragoness, plans on having her rest in his coils in a rather blissful state. He greets the dragon princess and offers her to be wrapped in his coils as to remain warm throughout the cold night. She took the offer and was wrapped up to the shoulders before being revealed a group of colorful rings, which immediately caught her attention. Kaa surrounds Ember with his coils as he makes himself inches away from her to increase the spirals’ strength. Eventually, the princess submitted to Kaa’s hypnotic power as a small, but echoing ‘PING!’ rang out. Kaa tells Ember to close her eyes and sleep as he finishes coiling her to the neck, keeping the dragon princess warm and cozy. The Dragon Lord would be very worried that his daughter is lost out there in the strange world of other mythical creatures, but that was the least of Ember’s problems as all she wanted was to sleep in the snake’s nice, comforting coils.

Criticism/requests welcome
Kaa-Rudyard Kipling/Disney
Princess Ember-Hasbro
Pink Party Girl-Cub

Whatever was out of the norm was considered the norm for Ponyville’s lovable goofball Pinkie Pie. She showed no exception when she saw a snake talking to itself and took it home with her, thinking it would be a good friend for Gummy. However, speaking was not the only thing the snake could do and all Pinkie had to do to see what else was by looking into its eyes. Its bright, colorful, hypnotic, blissful eyes…

Criticism/requests welcome
Kaa-Rudyard Kipling/Disney
Pinkie Pie-Hasbro

Vanilla and Bunnie in Coils (RE-DO)
A new version of this old Kaa/Vanilla/Bunnie post (…), with an entirely new title. Enjoy!

Vanilla and Bunnie go out for a nice stroll as Antoine looks after Cream and Cheese. Their walk takes a strange turn when they encounter Kaa the Snake, who gets their curiousity being the only creature in sight in the area. Kaa was able to get their full attention as he hypnotizes Vanilla and Bunnie, coiling them up completely and then tightening his coil cocoons, choking the lovely women. They so cuddling on his soft coils, wanting to stay longer with their slithery master.

Both Vanilla and Bunnie used here were from the comics and not Bunnie from Archie and Vanilla from X, keeping things a but consistant.

Criticism/requests welcome
Kaa-Rudyard Kipling/Disney
Vanilla the Rabbit/Bunnie Rabbot-Archie Comics/Sega
Kaa X Tempest Shadow

Normally, you won't find me awake this early on weekends, but I set my alarm to go off everyday for the sake of school. Enjoy!

Possibly the first Kaa pic/drawing involving the upcoming ‘My Little Pony-The Movie (2017)’. This little doodle here has our favorite snake coiling the (former?) soldier of the Storm King, Tempest Shadow. Sure, her design might make her seem a bit edgy, but she does looks pretty.

Criticism/requests welcome
Kaa-Rudyard Kipling/Disney
Tempest Shadow-Hasbro


For those who are going to ask for requests or end up asking me if I'm working on them despite that I never replied about doing them, this is basically my request list. Here, it shows the list of deviants whose requests I have accepted and working on currently (depending if I have time at the moment) and those who'll I'll get back to once my list is clear. If I ever were to respond to your request saying that I'll remind you that when I'm available, then your deciant name will go on the list of requests on hold. I'm hoping this will improve being a little reminder for those who forgot about asking a request that I replied to or in case I forget whose I should be working on. It'll be changing constantly as I post requests when I do, so check on this once in a while if you're wanting to see if there'll be some room for yours.
Have a slithery day!





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