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Kaa X Sci-Twi by SnakeyThingy Kaa X Sci-Twi by SnakeyThingy
Time for Kaa to go beyond Canterlot High and cause some trouble in Camp Everfree. Enjoy!

The human Twilight Sparkle (or Sci-Twi) has been feeling anxious for the past few days after the Friendship Games, worried that she'll become corrupted by magic and transform back into Midnight Sparkle. It doesn't help that in Camp Everfree, a place far from the magic infested Canterlot High, strange magical occurrences have been noticed and Twilight finds herself to blame. She takes a walk in the forest, wanting to be alone for a while. She doesn't realize that an ordinary snake was slithering around and was suddenly affected by some glittering magic seeping through the trees, feeling his eyes burst with strange colors and spirals. And all of a sudden, he could talk, almost shrieking as it could do so, but quiets down when he sees Twilight walk past him. The snake felt the sudden urge to show the girl his strange eyes and wrapping her up in his coils. He secretly slithers towards her as she sits on a log, asking her from out of the blue on why she looked upset. Twilight was surprised to see a talking snake, but thought that her magic caused him to speak. Too focused on her dilemma, she told the snake of her troubles and how her magic could cause harm to her friends. The snake sort of felt sorry for the girl and told her that he knows how to relieve some stress. When Twilight wonders what, she is shown a variety of glowing, moving rings that she couldn't help but find mesmerizing. The snake places his tail around her shoulders, giving her a soothing massage and then suddenly hears a "PING!" ring out. When the snake looks around to see where the sound came from and looks back at Twilight, he notices her smile widening and being very focused on him as the spirals continued. He moves his head around and Twilight follows just to see the spirals. The snake seems a bit confused about this, but with seeing Twilight be completely devoted and entranced, he turns out to like it.

Criticism/requests welcome
Kaa-Rudyard Kipling/Disney
(Human) Twilight Sparkle-Hasbro
Tyrannosaurus-Rulez Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Student Filmographer
Wow and Cool.
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