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Naga Data Successfully Copied by SnakeyThingy Naga Data Successfully Copied by SnakeyThingy
Behold, my first naga post! Enjoy!

Whatever Sonic had, Neo Metal Sonic wanted. Ever since the day he turned into a metallic beast and claimed that he was the definitive Sonic, but only to be defeated by his rival and his friends, Neo Metal desired for every aspect of the Blue Blur, but making sure it was superior in every way. He went through his former master’s archive, dusting off forgotten machines such as the Tails Doll and Mecha Knuckles to make them his companions to rival Tails and Knuckles. Neo Metal has adjusted his programmed abilities and parts, having his rocket boosters give him better acceleration and speed and to make him stronger while the normal hedgehog was nothing more than vulnerable flesh and bone to him. The robotic hedgehog has also studied the enchanted rings and emeralds, fascinated by their abilities to provide as a life source and protection. Neo Metal has observed many factors to make him the purest Sonic, but then he remembered one slight factor missing. A female companion. Playing back all of his encounters involving Sonic and Amy, Neo Metal took note of the pink girl’s undying love for the hero, giving no hesitation to chase after him until he gave into her joyous wishes. It might be a bother to get someone as devoted and romantic as Amy, but the machine must obtain it to become better than his rival. He could’ve just used a bunch of old parts to build a robotic version of Amy, but then he was reminded of his many meetings with a rather fascinating woman, Breezie the Hedgehog. She, too, used to be an associate of the doctor in order to trap the blue rodent, eventually going down her own path into running an entire city of gambling and risk, ruling and treated like a queen. This, of course, was not done alone as Neo Metal helped build her fantasy empire, complimented for his supposed generosity. He remained still as Breezie expressed her flirtatious side to him, willing to adjust to either high or low morale creature, and based on him being her target, flesh or metal. However, he never tried to fall for her behavior, keeping his mission on track and thinking she is just flattering him as means of mocking his intimidation. However, Neo Metal felt a strange desire for the arrogant hedgehog, experiencing what felt like dreams of Breezie showing more compassion to him during his time of rest and recharging, secretly enjoying the lustful teases she tends to give. Her spirit, trickery, and manipulation seemed suitable. He knew she would be the perfect counterpart to the hyper hammer wielding child, perfect to be his. However, though she treats others to break them, Breezie herself was strong-willed, possibly giving an obstacle for the robotic Sonic to obtain his queen as she could simply reject his offer for being his companion. But unlike the last time he lost, Neo Metal would rather malfunction than to lose again. During other times of meeting, Neo Metal secretly scanned the beautiful girl to see what will convince her to join him and discovered something rather odd. Apparently, the wealthy woman had a strange fascination for these possibly fictional hybrids consisting of an ordinary animal with the lower body parts of a snake, a naga they call them. Breezie has seen images and stories of them, learning about their tendency of having hypnotic eyes and using their coils to trap their prey in order to bring them into bliss as either for consumption or to claim a mate. Many years have passed since she has meet the charming Sonic and was too focused on her work into any relationships. Though in her office when there is nothing to be done, Breezie would close her eyes and daydream of being encountered by a loving naga, hypnotized into a pleasant state and embraced into squeezing, but welcoming coils as she sleeps over the watch of this dreamy naga who will lover her. It was a lot for Neo Metal to take in, quite surprised by the depiction of these creatures, but knew that his opportunity was placed on his lap to see his female companion. It can be done easily as he has the ability to physically change his form into anything he wishes, which has been done commonly as Eggman to potentially confuse Breezie. He reprogrammed his visual scanners to create entrancing rings for only a certain someone to see. He planned to hypnotize Breezie into loving him as she would set all of her romantic advances towards him, but after thinking over the forceful actions of Amy towards Sonic, Neo Metal had to make a slight fix to make Breezie superior to her. Breezie will be in love with Neo Metal, but will respect his decisions if he had no time for her romantic advancements. She won’t have to be as clingy as was the pink pest. Even then, Neo Metal has found another factor better for him than Sonic as he will accept the woman’s love while the pincushion can run away all he wants from the love-crazed loony. Having the physical form of the mystical creatures and hypnosis program perfected. Neo Metal went to Casino Park to claim his beloved. With Breezie by his side, Neo Sonic felt that he is only steps away from being seen as the powerful, definitive Sonic the Hedgehog.

Quite a mouthful, huh? I enjoyed writing the story based on this post. I had this idea of Neo becoming a naga and hypnotizing Breezie when I went back to the ‘Champions’ saga to get an image of her for the Kaa/Breezie Re-Do. Seeing Neo transform gave me the thought if he can also change specific body parts. As for the doodle itself, I was planning on shading Neo Metal almost the same way he was in the comics, but I’m not really an expert on how shading works on metal, so I just stuck to what I know to make coloring a better experience. I also made the snake tail based on Metal Madness’ spiked tail from ‘Sonic Heroes’. Feel free to comment what you think!

Criticism/requests welcome
Neo Metal Sonic-Sonic Team/Sega
Breezie the Hedgehog-DiC Entertainment/Archie Comics/Sega

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